Never misses a deadline.

"One of the UK's funniest cartoonists" -
Pete's Mum

About Me

My Background

Private Eye Christmas Card 2000

  • Born in Nottingham 1952 (but now living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire), I have been a professional cartoonist since 1976, selling my first cartoon to PUNCH magazine and becoming a regular contributor for many years after. I have  been a regular contributor to PRIVATE EYE, THE SPECTATOR, NEW STATESMAN, CHURCH TIMES and have been published in RADIO TIMES, THE GUARDIAN, DAILY MIRROR, THE SUN, DAILY STAR, TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT, NATIONAL LAMPOON and many others.
  • I was also one of the many gag-writers for the BBC’s ground breaking “Not the Nine O’Clock News” satire show!.
  •  I am also a caricaturist, operating ‘live’ at events, cartoon festivals, weddings etc or producing high quality caricatures from my studio for presentation/gift purposes.
  • A founder member of the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation and member of British Cartoonists' Association, the Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain and The Cartoon Art Trust. I am also a member of the NUJ.

  • From 2002-2004 I was artistic director of Nottingham's "Big Grin" cartoon festival.

My cartoon work


Press, PR, marketing, promotional, advertising, illustration, greetings cards, educational, entertainment.

My cartoons have been used by many different clients, large and small, to help communicate their message to their target audience. Graphic Humour is not only memorable but in many cases, also more effective than photography or the written word. (See above) of my cartoons used for a Friends of the Earth (Europe) campaign on energy and climate change.

My caricature work


I produce studio drawn caricatures (see Gallery) for presentation gifts, retirement, work promotions, sports teams etc and also work 'live' at events,

 festivals, corporate dinners, weddings etc.